Supercell is a great Android game development company, they worked really hard and from a small startup in Finland back in 2010 they came a long way. Supercell is now valued at $2 Billion company. This is really big figure and once you got all this money you are just going to rock. You can get best android game developers, best graphic designers, best algo people. They all together can make many new great games like Hay Day, Boom Beach, Clash Royale.

hay day hack

This is how you see a company grow, the good thing is they keep the users interested in the game. They developed all the games after extensive testing and improved them upon user behavior. For example suppose in Hay day some pie machine take a lot of time to unlock even after the player is on 14th level the user will get frustrated. Supercell eventually measure all this and in very next update of game they are either going to get rid of that component or change the unlock time.


This is the reason behind the success of games like Hay Day (cheatjunction.com/hay-day-diamond-hack-cheats). However they also learn from previous game and their very first game Clash of Clans, the game which took android gaming by storm. Now after 4 years of the game they have created a new game altogether Clash Royale, this is similar to the old Clash of Clans but with new gameplay, graphics and strategy. You get same resources as you get in Clash of Clans in Clash Royale(cheatjunction.com/clash-royale-hack-and-cheats), Elixirs works fine here and so is gold. In a way its a new game old together in Clan series so very different from boom beach and Hay day.


This seems to be the new strategy of the company to launch the new iterations of the old games so that they instantly captures the old userbase as well as keep the users interested. We are expecting to see a similar iteration for Boom Beach and Hay day too. May be they can make Hay day a bit more entertaining and more multiplayer so that people start using it.

Well thats enough and I have provided you links in the article about the sources where you can get the tricks, cheats and hacks for Hay Day and Clash Royale. However if you interested in Boom Beach, watch the video below about Boom Beach massive attack :